About S² Creative Projects

What makes us tick?
It is all about people in the end… and so it should be.

About S² Creative Projects

What makes us tick?
It is all about people in the end… and so it should be.
S² Creative Projects is a solution-driven team working with a large network of innovators, designers, manufacturers and service providers who are passionate about what they do.
We connect with people first, understand their needs, and make sure they reach their goals.

Our approach

Make it Simple. Make it Effective. Make it Beautiful.


Everything starts with a conversation.

What do you need? What do you want to achieve? How can we get there?

Leave a lasting impression.

How do we make you stand out?

Our Core

One Contact. Multiple Products.

Time is not on your side.
The most valuable asset you have is time. It often runs away without anyone noticing. Our service will help save you time.
  • We source the solution.
  • We organise the solution.
  • We manage the solution.
  • We deliver the solution.

Director and Innovator: Meet Stuart

Stuart has a unique career spanning over 20 years, starting in the cellular and satellite television industries focusing on the retail side of these segments, later moving into the world of design. As an experienced interior designer working on a diverse range of projects he has developed a unique ability to combine his understanding for business with his creative mind.

Qualified in Marketing and Sales (UNISA) as well as obtaining a qualification in Advanced Project Management (UCT), he has the ability to see a client’s needs from a different perspective enabling him to assess the challenge and provide the solution.
Stuart manages to combine a strong head for the practical with creative thinking to offer his clients a perfect balance of both worlds.
Always open to change and with a strong sense of perseverance, Stuart is able to push for a solution-orientated service while forging solid relationships with clients to achieve a result-driven end game.

Director and Innovator : Meet Sean

Sean started his career in the entertainment industry from the age of 6 years old as a child actor and later moving into the world of professional dance. He has travelled the globe performing in cities on all the major continents from Russia to South America. His journey led him to be contracted to a major cruise liner where he was appointed Head of Entertainment and was based in Los Angeles (USA) for 9 years.

He moved back to South Africa in 2007, it was inevitable that the next logical move was into the events industry following his passion for entertainment and the stage.
Sean obtained a qualification in Event Management (UCT) and has worked on several large-scale events over the past 4 years.

His vast experience in both the entertainment and events industry has enabled him to service his clients with a creative, dynamic and innovative approach always making sure his clients goals are achieved with a strong sense of commitment.

Production and Creative Go Getter: Meet Tina

Tina started her studies at CPUT focusing on Foundation Art & Design and Interior Architecture. Later, graduating from the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurship in 2010 and continuing her education at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock in 2015.

Combining her education with a career in the entertainment and hospitality industries for the past few years, Tina has developed a
unique set of skills combining her alert artistic right-brain with the
practical left-brain skills.

By drawing on her head for business and focus on customer service, she has become the creative yet practical go-getter that she is today.

Tina has a unique perspective on events and branding which is strongly influenced by her flair for entrepreneurship, a keen understanding of what makes businesses tick, and her bold artistic strengths.

This makes her the perfect addition to the S2 Creative Projects team.

Ready to talk creative?