In an ever-changing world where technology is a fundamental part of our daily lives, visually appealing and original content is now a critical element of any marketing or PR strategy. We produce all the interactive, engaging, and original content you will need to align with your brand strategies.


Whether you require a full service for a pre-recorded hour show or just a short 30 second video for social media we are able to help you every step of the way, from narrative based ideation to quality cost effective post-production ensuring you have all you need to achieve your strategic objectives.



It is a well-known fact that a consumer’s attention span is noticeably shorter when online or using social media. For this reason, video has become ‘king’ when talking about marketing on various platforms, websites or via other digital media.

If part of your brand strategy is to market a product or service to a digital audience, we will be able to create specific original content that will encourage engagement and broaden your reach while bearing the overall objectives you have set out for the campaign in mind.


Videocasts and Podcasts are an important communication tool when a client wants to reach out to a specific audience or following with specific qualifying criteria in mind.

We will ensure the video content we produce for you is tailor-made to appeal to the specific audience you are targeting and meet the brand strategies that you have highlighted.


Custom video content is perfect for corporate clients where we can produce original, industry content or content pertaining to a specific company, organisation, or division.

This content can be used for B2B and B2C marketing when thinking of producing content for an external audience. For an internal audience we can produce videos aimed at training and staff motivation purposes depending on your needs.


We have worked with a broad range of studios in all major cities around South Africa which can be used to create the stage, set, or backdrop you require for a professional result.

As part of our set and stage design services we can add custom print onto fabric backdrops, green screen technology to create augmented realities and create unique visuals and settings,  we can also add LED walls allowing the backdrop to come to life to elevate and expose the brand.

These backdrops will enhance the look, feel, and mood of the production by adding a custom touch to your project keeping your audience engaged.


Many projects will require a space specifically designed for interaction between a host and guests with the aim of conducting interviews and having factual conversations that discuss relevant and pertinent topics aimed at a specific audience.

These Docu-Style Productions are popular with organisations that want to convey a series of unique selling points or introduce information that is aimed at a particular industry.

Topics such as Healthcare, Technological Advances or Sustainability can be discussed with specialists in their fields in a relaxed and professional environment where the narrative can be controlled through our Scriptwriting Services and expert guests can be sourced for you through our Talent Management Services.



Our Visual Design Services include Motion Graphics, Green Screen Background Design, Animation, and Video Mapping which will add movement and life to your content. We can skin videos using your CI and incorporate your brand into each video ensuring that if any content is shared, our client will receive the maximum brand exposure possible.

Our animators and graphic designers will be able to design everything from a custom logo to an animated mascot should you require a comprehensive customised Visual Design service for a specific project.


As part of our comprehensive start to finish Digital & Content Production Service we offer all the Post-Production components required to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards. These services include Professional Editing, Final Audio Mixing and introducing original or stock music and Voice Overs, where required, to bring the entire video together.


 Photography is vital to engage with consumers and audiences via any of the many social media platforms and is an essential part of any marketing campaign used to communicate with your target audience and consumers. Whether you want to build your legacy and record your story or to simply build an impressive portfolio, photography is key.

S (Squared) Creative Projects has worked with several talented photographers who are specialists in their field, whether in fashion, food, product, architecture & décor we have someone that will showcase your campaign, product, or message in a creative, beautiful, and effective way.


Digital Streaming has fast become an essential aspect of our service offering. We have worked with experienced specialists in the field of live streaming and broadcasting who fully understand the technical requirements and specialist equipment required to avoid the pitfalls associated with dropped connections and toggling.

Our most recent Digital Production was streamed live to 12 countries around the world to delegates on every continent without a hitch, testament to the experience and knowhow of specialist teams we work with.

Whether it is a live broadcast in real time or pre-recorded production that is streamed across the globe we can assure our clients of a seamless process.


We are often approached by clients to adapt their existing generic content or customise existing marketing materials that a client may have on hand to highlight the content or production’s messaging and narrative. 

This is a plug-in service we believe is vital to a cohesive project and is ideally developed and written by ourselves and our team as we understand the overall objectives of the project and look at the bigger picture.

We offer a comprehensive scriptwriting service collaborating with some of the best scriptwriters in the film, and television industries with whom we have been working with for many years where the written word comes to life.

By overseeing the script and the copy used in creating Original Digital Content or a full Digital Production we, together with the client, control the language and narrative ensuring the intended message is clear, and works towards achieving the overall objectives of the project.

ONE of our RECENT videos produced

“Every detail and aspect of the campaign was managed and executed with absolute precision and the highest level of professionalism. S (Squared) Creative Projects had engaged a talented team second to none to produce what turned out to be a digital event that literally set a new standard in our industry, not just in South Africa but also overseas as our international partners feedback confirmed.

We can now look back at what has been an exceptional campaign that was so thoughtfully planned and executed delivering real tangible results and legacy content that can be taken forward for years to come. S (Squared) Creative Projects is truly a unique company that offers exceptional deliverables though understanding of business, strategic communication, marketing strategy, all the way though to event planning and promotional material for any business wanting to step above the rest.

Our experience has been extremely satisfactory, and we can only highly recommend S (Squared) Creative Projects.”

Guillaume Masson

Managing Director , Studio Masson



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