Event Branding | Why showcasing your design is important

If you’re still using that branded pen you received at a conference a few years back or gripping the logo-emblazoned stress-ball that happened to be quite handy in the office–well, you may be interested in its origins and intended purpose, and perhaps how your company can utilise this promotional opportunity to its advantage.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creative design process behind the branding at events? We’re talking about all the physical elements that add to a memorable encounter between the organisation and the audience. When it comes to event branding, simply printing your logo on a few T-shirts just won’t cut it.

Especially when more and more companies see the value in creating a unique experience that not only markets the brand but communicates its attitude in an aesthetically unique and pleasing way. This form of engagement with your customer and prospective customer is highly impactful and creates the opportunity for you to be creative with your message via the medium.

How do you make your event branding stand out from the crowd? Consider the following when creating your event branding:
• Colors
• Fonts
• Logos
• Theme
• Placement

Since we’re focusing on the physical branding elements, and once you have a clear and strategic event plan, it’s time to consider the tools you’ll use. Printed gazebos at a conference to highlight your company name and offer the opportunity for interested customers to come over is a reliable marketing tactic if ever there was one.

Perhaps posters, banners and inflatables will help you make your mark.
Maybe you would like to reward your customers with a little swag that features some clever printed design on it. You can’t go wrong with a stylish notebook or a well-designed pen.
Owing to the innovations in printing and design, you can have high-quality printing done onto almost any surface. From wood to glass, Perspex and even metal. It pays to get a little creative and advertise not only your product or service but your brand’s personality; after all, an event is a perfect opportunity to show off what you’re made of in a fun and visual way.

S2 Creative Projects utilises new technology and printing methods and mediums to design and offer our clients innovative solutions that will market their brands at large scale events, exhibitions and more. Our printing can be done on:
• Fabric frames
• Lightboxes
• Fabric
• Vinyl
• Wallpaper
• Flute Board
• Corex Board
• ABS Board

Speak to us today about making your design dreams a reality!