Whether you require a Live or Virtual Event or a combination of both (Hybrid) we will make your vision a reality by tapping into over a decade of specialist experience in the event and entertainment industries.
We create, design, and produce nationally to provide a holistic turnkey service based on best global practices and collaborate with partners to bring the best of the best to the table.

The same detail oriented and ethical business practices apply when developing informed, innovative, and engaging experiences with talk-ability.

WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOPour client testimonials say it all.

Project Management is key, and what really counts is to provide you with a return on investment for your event in line with global trends, sustainable practices driven by the knowledge that whatever size or form your event takes, it needs to tell a story with a strong emphasis on the narrative through all the details.

event production solutions

As social creatures we all need interaction with others, brands recognise this as an opportunity to directly engage and interact with their target audience. Whether you are introducing your product, rewarding your customers, or increasing awareness of your charity, Live Events is a critical tool.

S (Squared) Creative Projects has specialised in narrative driven Live Events for many years focusing on producing a wide variety of Live Events from fashion show productions and awards events to road safety campaigns and store launches.

We understand the importance of personal interaction and the need for brands and organisations to be in direct contact with their audience making us the ideal partner to our clients.

hybrid event production
The term ‘Hybrid” refers to a combination of elements from both Live and Virtual Events. Whatever your reasons, we will advise you how to best combine elements of both Live and Virtual Events to ensure that you achieve your strategic objectives.

Whether you would like to have your production or event broadcast across the world via live streaming while still having a live audience in the room to interact with at the same time it can all be done when utilising S (Squared) Creative Projects.

Whether your marketing strategy or objective is to reach the largest number of people possible or to select a specific group of people and consumers Virtual Events is a perfect tool.

Virtual Events Used for Maximum Exposure

In a digital world, consumers interact with technology daily creating new opportunities for organisations and brands to reach more people than ever before.

Technology allows you to expand your reach exponentially removing geographical borders and opening new markets, introducing your brand or organisation to a larger audience.

Virtual Events can be used to broadcast your event nationally or internationally exposing your organisation or brand without needing to have a Live Event in each region.

By using various platforms driving consumers to engage through social media, directing traffic to your website and even interact on platforms such as YouTube, Virtual Events are the most effective way to engage and expose your brand or organisation to the widest range of the market.

Virtual Events Used for Specific Focus Groups

Platforms also allow you to filter and reduce audiences allowing you to identify and focus on a smaller group of specific target audience or consumers, this means you are now able to broadcast to a specific group of people.

By using the correct platform and filters S (Squared) Creative Projects will advise you on the best way to focus on the specific consumer or audience you have identified and cut through the clutter and noise, ensuring that you communicate and engage directly with the people you have selected.


As experienced event managers with a wide variety of projects behind us we offer our clients a comprehensive full spectrum event management service. From collaborating with our clients to create the initial concept to the role out of the event or production on the day, we manage and supervise every detail throughout the entire project life cycle including a comprehensive feedback report and analysis of performance relating to the project’s deliverables.

We have built a comprehensive network of trusted specialist suppliers who we have been working with for years who share our values, bring extensive experience, and share our work ethic to ensure you receive the result you deserve.

With a strong background in financial management, we ensure that we always protect your bottom line. As part of the initial proposal, we provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive project budget including every aspect of the project no matter how small.

Project budgets include everything from the small items in a production kit such as stationary to the larger line items such as technical equipment and staffing. It is our philosophy that our clients need to have all the information at their fingertips to make informed and educated decisions.

Each project must have a signed-off budget, which is monitored throughout the project, start to finish, where every Rand is accounted for and ethical business and financial practices are implemented.

The focus on the budget versus spend throughout the project allows our clients to focus on their objectives rather than worrying about any overspend or unforeseen additional costs.

We believe transparency and good financial governance is key to building trust and providing piece of mind.

We have worked with many of the largest audio and visual production houses and suppliers in the country which enables S (Squared) Creative Projects to ensure the show is a success.

Our philosophy is to offer clients a comprehensive production which is narrative focused, always keeping the client’s objectives top of mind while introducing creative flair.

Show production has become something Sean is well known for. Sean has produced shows both great and small for many brands and organisations in various spheres. He has a number of high-profile projects under his belt including National Day of Prayer, Mamelodi Sundown’s 50th Year Anniversary Celebrations, LC Waikiki Western Cape Launch and Studio Masson Couture Living Global Broadcast Event to mention a few.

The design, look and feel of the backdrop to any event and production is of paramount importance. This critical form of subliminal communication to an audience is an opportunity for brands and organisations to enhance their image and convey a clear message about the event or production that is taking place.

Part of our creative input into each project is to offer clients a full design service incorporating the brand or organisation’s CI into a visual representation of the event or production’s overall message.

We will design the stage, set or studio backdrops and layouts and manage all aspects of procurement and manufacturing to provide the client with the backdrop required to support and enhance the overall look, feel and tone of the event or production.

Added to this we work with a group of talented stylists to add the final touches and details which pulls the entire design together elevating the backdrop and providing a cohesive, professional, and aesthetically pleasing location.

Original content is the oxygen that any marketing campaign needs to not only survive but to succeed.

With a solid background in marketing and a comprehensive understanding of the importance of original content S (Squared) Creative Projects has built up a network of creative and experienced directors, producers, videographers, and photographers to help clients create quality and narrative driven original content.

Whether you need to have live video feed to a stage screen or create pre-recorded video content for shows or social media campaigns we can offer it all.

Part of our core business is a full Digital & Content Production Division, feel free to find out more on the Digital Production page on our website. Click here.

S (Squared) Creative Projects is far more than just an agency that roles out your event, we prefer to think of ourselves as your collaborator and your partner.

We believe that by offering added value though solid creative ideation and advice we can help you achieve your objectives by thinking out of the box.

Clients often ask us to create a concept that focuses on the narrative and the message you trying to communicate to your target audience. We have helped clients push creative boundaries and improve engagement through ideas and communication strategies.

We have even gone as far as designing new logos specifically for your event or campaign which compliments your existing CI giving the event its own identity that is still associated with your brand or organisation.

We have spent many years building relationships with a broad range of talent at the top of their game. We have worked with many celebrities, influencers, brand ambassadors, emcees, entertainers, performers, DJ’s, models and presenters building an extensive and comprehensive talent bank that our clients can draw from.

We pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients which talent is best suited to the event or production keeping the campaign, brand or organisation firmly in mind when narrowing down the choices.

Our aim is to have the best suited talent to not only represent our clients but to enhance the narrative and improve engagement and exposure resulting in a successful event or production.

With the increasing popularity of Virtual and Hybrid Events, live streaming has fast become an essential aspect of our service offering. We have worked with experienced specialists in the field of live streaming and broadcasting who fully understand the technical requirements and specialist equipment required to avoid the pitfalls associated with dropped connections and toggling.

Our most recent Digital Production was streamed live to 12 countries around the world to delegates on every continent without a hitch, testament to the experience and knowhow of specialist teams we work with.

Whether it is a live broadcast in real time or pre-recorded production that is streamed across the globe we are able to assure our clients of a seamless process.

copywriting & scriptwriting
We are often approached by clients to adapt their existing generic content or customise existing marketing materials that a client may have on hand to highlight the event or production’s messaging and narrative. 

In a live event scenario, this is a plug-in service we believe is vital to a cohesive project and is best developed and written by ourselves and our team as we understand the overall objectives of the project and look at the bigger picture.

When producing shows or original content we offer a comprehensive scriptwriting service collaborating with some of the best scriptwriters in the live event, film, and television industries with whom we have been working with for many years.

By overseeing the script and the copy used in an event or production we, together with the client, control the language and narrative ensuring the intended message is clear, and works towards achieving the overall objectives of the project.

a taste of some of our events

one of our ground breaking live events

“I am proud to be associated with Sean Lane from S (Squared) Creative Projects who has assisted USCS (Pty) Ltd in our last two safety campaigns. Not only did he prove himself to be creative and innovative with respect to ideas and the application thereof, but also impressed with his energy, passion and attention to detail. This spirit of serving the customer filtered through his whole organisation so that all his staff arrived at the venues with the same energy and commitment. He is well connected and always delivered sponsors and high-profile celebrities to add flavour and authenticity to the campaigns. I appreciated that he speaks his mind to ensure the customer considers as many options as possible, but still managed to manage and/or adjust the costs to meet the budget requirements.” LOUIS BOTHA




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