Whenever December rolls around, offices turn into festive spaces with themed décor and the promise of an upcoming break. The end of year party is one example of an office culture event that is almost routine, but if socialising with your co-workers isn’t exactly your idea of fun, there’s always the good old corporate gift. This little token of gratitude from the organisation lets you know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. It’s a tiny perk that could make a big impact, but instead, these opportunities often go awry as a result of a poorly chosen gifts.

Corporate gifts aren’t just for employees, however. It’s also a creative and clever way for companies to reach out to their loyal customers with a token of appreciation and to potentially inspire new business.

With a keen eye on printing and gifting trends, S2 Creative Projects is here to steer you in the right direction with a few options that employees and customers are sure to love. Our suggestions are based on current corporate gift trends, making sure that each option checks the boxes for practicality and cost-effectiveness.

The inflatable trend

Printing technology has ramped up its efficacy, quality and versatility. As a result, creating custom prints and designs on a range of surfaces is now possible, and this list extends to 3D inflatable designs. Inflatables pack a promotional punch with their versatility and playfulness, promising to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

How it’s used:

From large-scale outdoor events, to personalised and themed launch parties that put brands front-and-centre; big, bold and edgy inflatables have found their novel niche in the market of promotion.  Major companies have been incorporating inflatables into their branding schemes with effect.

From giant product replicas or mascots, to blow-up-bars, event arcadomes and selfie stands that provide the perfect snapshot opportunity. The creative possibilities are endless.

Personalised prints

Want to make someone feel special? Put their name on something. This simple but effective strategy as seen in the recent Coca-Cola campaign works, why? Because it’s a little gesture that registers with consumers on a personal level. This is only the beginning. Customisation is all the rage in printing, and that is another benefit created by the innovations in printing technology.

How it’s used:

From quotes to emblems on items such as special occasion menus, personalisation in printing adds character and quirk to otherwise ordinary items.


Edible gifting and the international trend

Times are tough, and corporates big or small have had to cut back on company expenses such as lunches and usual annual gifting, whether with staff, shareholders or customers. This doesn’t have to be a drawback, it just means that we get to be a little more creative with our corporate gifting.

How it’s used:

Edible gifts are a great way to reward those you value. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good treat? And with the ease-of-branding options currently available to you, you’re able to get goodies printed without the major price tag attached. What makes this trend truly stand-out, is the fact that the flavour and packaging is customisable too.

Sustainable Printing Textiles

S2 Creative Projects understands the value of adopting environmentally sustainable practices in printing. As a wave of green consciousness reaches the shores of the printing industry, changes to products and processes are poised to become the new normal. Inks with no toxins and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are replacing conventional inks. Recycled textiles are being used in the printing process, and the process itself is being purged of the use of numerous hazardous chemicals.

Various green-friendly alternatives to traditional mechanisms in printing will be discussed in future blog post, so stay in the loop with us!

Do these options make you want to get cracking on your annual gift lists?

Talk to the team at S2 Creative Projects about making your corporate gifts memorable!