While a clever design is a potent part of the marketing equation, the actual printing method is a fundamental part of your overall branding, which is why investing in high-quality and innovative printing solutions is a step in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at the various printing innovations that promise to add value to the printing and branding industry:

  • The Personalisation of Digital Printing

Digital printing methods have taken over because it’s generally faster and more economical for smaller print batches. As a result, we’ve seen a new trend in personalised printing, which brands are using to their advantage by creating an individual connection with their target market.

  • Digital Printing on Fabric

A relatively new contender in the industry, digital printing on fabric allows for printing on a variety of fabrics using dye-based inks. This offers promising applications for a textile designers, allowing them the ability to create their own unique fabrics.

  • Interactive print

No more than ever, print and branding is having to compete with the online and digital platforms. Static designs have had to seriously step up their appeal by commanding attention and becoming more interesting. We’re seeing a trend in the use of texture, from foil to spot varnish, all of these printing elements are used to engage people’s senses.

  • Printing and Automation

Faster doesn’t always mean better, but in the printing industry–and as true as the cliché happens to be–time is money. So print giants are always looking at ways of speeding up the process without losing out on the quality of a print.

Automation in printing is focused on the elimination of tedious steps whilst speeding up larger quantity print batches. Batch upload functionality is one example that allows different business cards to be ordered all at once with a single .csv file, while maintaining quality and brand consistency on each card.

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