South Africa is an exciting place to be, our ever-changing and growing business environment and eternally optimistic culture not only offers opportunities but also encourages businesses to think out the box.


S (Squared) Creative Projects – The Beginning


S (squared) Creative Projects started out as a print brokerage growing a national supply network of manufacturers for all printing related products with the aim of offering clients a one stop shop reducing the need for clients to source products and services from several sources, shopping around for best pricing and sourcing quality and reliability.


S (squared) Creative Projects simplifies this process and makes life easier for clients and quickly evolved to offer everything from corporate gifting to bespoke lightboxes. This is what the market needed 3 years ago but needs change and so has S (squared) Creative Projects.


Offering More – Two Divisions…PRINT & EVENTS


For the past few years S (squared) Creative Projects has allowed itself to evolve organically in response to the needs of clients. Our clients not only require our print procurement and production management services but want us to get more involved. They asked us to help them develop creative and innovative ideas which can easily be produced while remaining cost-effective.


Clients are pushing S (squared) Creative Projects further and are asking for more, they now ask us to help with concept development, design, sourcing new solutions and help roll out these ideas into practical and memorable events and activations.


In response S (squared) Creative Projects launched a second division offering clients a full event service in 2018. Clients not only wanted us to manage and procure print and brand solutions but also help roll out their vision in the form of events, launches and activations.


The new S (squared) Creative Projects division, under Sean Lane, has quickly evolved from offering clients traditional event management services to expand our offering to include collaboration with other events, advertising, PR and communication agencies by offering consulting and project management services.


The days of traditional competition and the “us versus them” mindset is over thus the birth of a new era… collaboration.


Taking It Further – Collaboration Under One Roof


These days clients, competitors and suppliers are far more than simply purchasers and sellers of goods and services, this relationship has evolved into full-on collaboration between all.


S (squared) Creative Projects has listened and has responded with a new corporate identity and company structure. We have embraced the needs and wants of the businesses we work with and have now partnered with the most dynamic businesses, all experts in their field, to create a family that can offer our clients the full solution.


We have had the privilege of working with many innovative and determined businesses over the years and have decided to take this to a new level. Our philosophy of collaboration and adjusting our product and service offering to meet the needs and expectations of our clients has created a new community of S (squared) Creative Projects partners.


We a very proud to announce our new structure of nine partners bringing a vast amount of experience and resources into the S (squared) Creative Projects fold, offering collaborative services to our clients to include branding, printing, event management and consulting, PR and communication, fashion and production, food art, artwork design, website and SEO services, staffing and logistics solutions and production and procurement management.


This is the future and we are excited to be part of it!