Don’t believe the news, print is certainly not dead. This is still a viable option, even in the digital age where audiences seem to be getting more and more sophisticated about their media consumption. Realistically, the value of print and the printing industry isn’t slowing down, merely adapting to the new trends landscape.

Print still happens to be the trusted format, reaching a wider audience than ever. And thanks to all the new tech available, innovative methods and techniques are emerging, making it easy to be creative and bold so that your customers are influenced, impressed and ready to be won over. So let’s take a look at the valuable trends that have made printing indestructible in the digital age.

Inkjet Continues its Ascent

 Significant developments regarding inkjet printing makes a case for moving away from electrophotographic and offset printing. Inkjet is ideal for printing high-quality images due to the improved print heads that allows the ink to stick to gloss paper. Magazines and commercial catalogues are perfectly suited to this format. On top of that, inkjet offers a relatively affordable and fast printing method that is useful in a variety of situations, with unique substrates that can withstand the toughest uses.

Novel & Current Substrates

A major factor for increased print business in the digital age has been due to the emergence of various new types of synthetic paper available. These compete with traditional paper by offering increased durability and nearly all of the utility of paper, but with the added benefit of enabling a number of new uses.

The future of print is customisation

Mass customisation in printing is big in the digital age. No matter what you want to print or what you want to print on, looking forward, there will be a purpose-built press offering you a quick and high-quality, scalable solution.

Embellishing Print

Digital embellishment, both in-line and near-line has continued its expansion with machines that lead in speed and functionality. With impressive advancements in digital cutting, creasing, embossing, spot and flood varnish, foil and glitter machines, the possibilities for creating novel prints are endless.

So the print industry is not dead; it’s actually thriving. And at S2 Creative Projects, we’re all about seizing emerging opportunities in tech for our clients. Speak to us today about customising your brand.