Whether your aim is to win over your employees with a little gesture of goodwill, to woo prospective customers, or to thank your existing ones, a branded gift couldn’t possibly hurt. But it does pay to keep up with the trends when it comes to corporate gifting, it is an investment after all.

Gone are the days of scoring a pharma-branded pen from your local chemist, or the days of receiving a thank-you-for-sticking-to-your-day-job mug from your CEO. Sure, they do the job if short-term recognition and gratitude are what you’re after. In keeping up with the times, we’re going to look at innovative methods in custom branding that allows for corporate gifts to truly make their mark.

Firstly, why are corporate gifts a good idea for your brand?

  1. It helps you to build a relationship with your target audience
  2. It creates an opportunity for long-term brand recognition and subtly reinforces your brand
  3. Assists in developing your relationships with internal staff
  4. Personalised gifting helps to improve your brand’s perception

Now that the reasons for gifting are clear, let’s take a look at some promising new-age examples of promotional gifts:

  1. Branded clothing

A screen-printed Tee promoting your brand is a tried, tested and safe idea. Everyone loves free clothing, but consider something a little more creative? Perhaps a versatile waterproof shell jacket with your design embroidered on the front? A good quality item goes a long way and speaks volumes about your brand’s customer awareness. You might find that you’re winning over more than a few clients with this smart strategy.

  1. Laptop bags

Show your appreciation to staff members and employees with something you know they’ll always need. A reliable laptop carrier is a very good corporate gift, it’s useful and relevant. Branding this specific item makes it easy for the owner to identify, especially if they commute via public transport. Laptop bags are a great option for end of year gifts or incentive prizes.

  1. Personalised and novelty items

USB’s, fidget spinners, stress balls–these are a few of our favourite things.

Your start-up needs a little promotional help, something that makes an impression–a pocket-sized piece of tech that carries around mass amounts of data–enter the USB flash drive. It’s quite ideal actually. Using the latest printing technology, a variety of materials can be printed on to showcase your brand. And as for other novelty items, this is your chance to get creative. Show off your brand’s personality with personalised printing on anything from travel mugs to miniature table-top games.

S2 Creative Concepts are leaders in branded promotional items, utilising the latest digital printing and branding technology, we’ll take care of all your corporate gifting needs.