In an over-changing world where technologoy is a fundamental part of our daily lives, visually appealing and orgininal content is now a critical element of any marketing or PR strategy. We produce all the interactive, engaging and original content you will need to align with your brand strategies.


01. Film & Photography

We aim to generate informative, thrilling and visually explosive content for you. Whatever the type of motion content you require we can help you every step of the way through narrative based ideation, production and post-production ensuring you have all you need to achieve your strategic objectives. Photography is vital to engage with consumers and audiences through the many social media platforms. It is an essential part of any marketing campaign used to communicate with your target audience and consumers.

02. Visual FX

As part of our comprehensive start to finish Digital & Content Production Service we offer all the production and post-production components required to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards. These services include Professional Editing, Colour Grading, Music & Sound Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Voice Overs, Final Audio Mixing, and Mastering.

03. Streaming

Digital Streaming has fast become an essential aspect of our service offering allowing brands to reach larger audiences locally and across the globe. We have worked with experienced specialists in the field of live streaming and broadcasting who fully understand the technical requirements and specialist equipment required to avoid the pitfalls associated with dropped connections and toggling.

04. Copy And Scriptwriting

We offer a comprehensive scriptwriting service collaborating with some of the best scriptwriters in the film, and television industries where the written word comes to life. We have written scripts for live shows, product launches, digital campaigns and digital productions including webinars focused on the narrative ensuring the intended message is clear and works towards achieving the overall objectives of the project.

05. 3D modeling and rendering and graphic design

Graphic design and desktop publishing are key components of every project. Working with a client’s corporate identity and standards we offer comprehensive design services relating to any artwork required for the project. Our design collaborators have created everything from stage backdrops and textiles to coffee table books and colouring in books for children, whatever the project requires can be done. Our creative concepts and ideas are brought to life through 3 dimensional renders and designs allowing clients and their team to visualize exactly what the stage, set, show or event will look like when built.

Featured Projects

Perrier Jouet Champagne
#Coutureliving by Studio Masson
Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2021
2022 Expanding Clubfoot Treatment

South Africa was selected as the perfect location for the 2022 global advertising campaign for this prestigious brand, taking the consumer on a journey from New Years Eve to Christmas highlighting Celebrations with Nature.

In collaboration with the above-the-line advertising agency and global distributor, based in France, S Squared Creative Projects was brought on to provide a turnkey production and tasked to create all film and photographic content required for a 12-month global campaign. Utilizing our extensive network of highly experienced film and photographic teams a 3 day, 3 location shoot was produced and directed involving extensive content planning and campaign shoot management.

Models were recruited locally and from around the world and renowned international photographer Denise Boulze was brought to South Africa from France to bring the project to life. A team of 80 crew, stylists, and specialists all reported to the project producer and director Sean Lane.

Every detail from hair and make-up, fashion, lighting, locations, and logistics were overseen by the S Squared Creative Projects project management team. Every detail was critical, even the detail of the water droplets forming on the bottle using specialist bottle stylists was perfected to meet the brand’s highest standards and expectations.


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Jane Doe

Manager of Operations

After immediately pivoting in June 2020, launching our Virtual and Digital Production Services, Studio Masson tasked us to develop a ‘first of its kind’ pre-recorded digital production which would ultimately be broadcast live, via streaming, to architects and interior designers in 52 countries across the globe.

The 3-month project involved developing and producing a virtual lifestyle programme to showcase the brand’s latest product offerings from Italian manufacturers, Fiandre, Sapienstone and SICIS aimed at the decerning client specialising in the ultimate in architecture and interior design. #Coutourliving was developed to show a direct link between design, fashion, food, and sustainability allowing you to live your best life.

The lifestyle show incorporated several segments to form a 52-minute broadcast. A fashion segment was produced, along with our collaborator, Mary Reynolds, which featured local South African fashion designer, Stefania Moreland, and international models.

The second segment was produced showcasing Sapienstone induction tops, where a live food demonstration was filmed with world renowned chef Gregory Czarnecki.

The third segment introduced sustainability and the green technology used by the various brands, which included interviews with the Greening Council of South Africa.

Pre-recorded interviews with all the CEOs of the various Italian brands were edited and incorporated to form a worldwide address directly from the manufacturer to architects and interior designers on every continent.

Our brand collaborator, Liezel Van Der Westhuizen, was recruited to conduct thought provoking interviews with the owners of Studio Masson and other stakeholders to pull the entire show together. Directed by our film collaborator, Andrew Black, and his 30-film crew, ensured that the quality of the production was of the highest international standard


We can now look back at what has been an exceptional campaign that was so thoughtfully planned and executed delivering real tangible results and legacy content that can be taken forward for years to come. S (Squared) Creative Projects is truly a unique company that offers exceptional deliverables though understanding of business, strategic communication, marketing strategy, all the way though to event planning and promotional material for any business wanting to step above the rest. Our experience has been extremely satisfactory, and we can only highly recommend S (Squared) Creative Projects.

Guillaume Masson

Managing Director, Studio Masson Tile & Slab Couture

S Squared Creative projects was approached to produce, ideate, and manage all components of Miss Mamelodi Sundowns Regional Digital Campaign and the Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2021 Grand Finale Hybrid Event.

While collaborating with our client we had to ideate and conceptualise the theme and narrative for The Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2021 campaign and ensure consistency and authenticity from concept to Live and Digital broadcast.

A campaign was developed with 6 phases over 8 months, involving a ‘first of its kind’ call to action digital campaign, whereby potential contestants were encouraged to enter. This was followed with the S Squared Creative Projects team travelling to all 9 provinces over several weeks to hold in-person interviews and preliminary judging with local provincial celebrities and personalities, fondly referred to as the “The Miss Mamelodi Sundowns Roadshow’.

After crossing the country, a digital campaign was launched introducing the top 10 finalists to the public from each province.

Using digital platforms and streaming technology created a project that had never been seen before where millions of fans had the opportunity to get involved without the need to be physically present.

Millions of votes were captured and audited to select the National top 10 for the hybrid show in Sandton Convention Centre.

The scope of work included, producing, and managing the Digital Provincial Phase of the campaign including a national roadshow, photography, video production, beauty, and creative direction for the call to entry. Creative Direction and Pre-production of the Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2021 Grand Finale Hybrid Event and Live Broadcast including Concept development, look and feel of the event and stage, Video Content Direction for the show, Music Direction & Artist management, Emcee / contestant scriptwriting. Show Direction and the live production of the Grand Finale to live and virtual audiences inclusive of rehearsals, show choreography, vision mix direction, hair & make-up direction, general management, running and calling of the show.


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Jane Doe

Manager of Operations

Most people are familiar with various standard virtual platforms such as Zoom to communicate virtually. S Squared Creative Projects was approached to take this technology and push the envelope resulting in a ground-breaking medical Webinar Series. 3 times 60-minute pre-packaged webinars were streamed which included a live, in studio, panel discussion with local experts allowing delegates to engage while watching the broadcast. The purpose was to share skills, knowledge, and medical treatments from world experts involving 470 delegates from 45 countries.

We produced pre-recorded keynote and panel discussions involving 16 doctors and medical experts from 7 countries including, Brazil, Canada, India, USA, Ethiopia, Tanzania and UK. Doctors and speakers were recorded on-line, in Cape Town, whilst delivering their keynotes in their respective countries.

Detailed sponsorship packages were developed, along with our client, to give the 3 global sponsors, Essity Medical Solutions (South Africa)), MD Orthopaedics (USA) and Steps Worldwide (UK)a high return on their investment. This included, CEO welcome videos, integration of sponsor commercials, and integration of sponsor Edu-marketing videos.

 Charcoal illustrations by South African artist, Riaan Van Zyl were animated to create an introduction sting and opening slides while stitching the 3 individual webinars into a series including all the reporting.


What an experience these webinars have been, truly unique and a collection of knowledge from global experts that I feel very proud about. A massive thanks from me to you Sean, Stuart and the S (Squared) Creative Team for your incredible work in ensuring that we presented a professional product that has wowed our speakers and attendees. The sponsors are also extremely happy with the webinar series.

Karen Mara Moss

Founder and Director, Steps Charity NPC

International Turkish Fashion Brand, LC Waikiki, decided to open stores in South Africa in 2018. The brand started their roll-out for the Western Cape in Cape Town opting to open the first store in Tygervalley Shopping Centre, located in the Northern Suburbs. Together with our strategic collaborative partner, Nicole Cappa, we were tasked to develop a comprehensive project charter, which had to include the conceptualisation of a formal opening and launch as well as a national PR and marketing campaign for brand awareness. The brand expectations were high and international standards were essential to meet the brand’s image and status within the global fashion industry.

The project scope included media management, celebrity and influencer procurement and management for the formal VIP launch hosted by the brand’s international management team and above-the line marketing agency (Turkey). A high-impact fashion show open to the public ending in a ribbon cutting ceremony formally inviting the consumer to step onto the LC Waikiki ‘blue carpet’ and be welcomed into the new store. S Squared Creative Projects was responsible for producing the fashion show, along with our collaborative partner, Mary Reynolds.

The scope of work included designing and manufacturing the stage, lighting, sound direction, scripting, and crowd management. Procuring all the models and talent, crew, and technical logistics as well as choreography were part of the project deliverables. A high-energy fashion showcase open to the public celebrating all men’s, ladies and kids fashion ranges was the exciting result. The fashion show took viewers on an evolving 24-hour fashion journey explaining how LC Waikiki takes care of you from morning to night, and has you covered for all activities and occasions. 

A formal media launch was organised to introduce the brand to fashion media and a influencers and offer the international management team the opportunity to host media and VIP guests and engage, network and form relationships. A separate area was created for all to enjoy high-end canapés and cocktails while an exclusive private tour of the store was hosted by the brand’s international management team prior to the official ribbon cutting opening ceremony.


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Jane Doe

Manager of Operations

The world of fashion is changing, and brands are more aware than ever that products need to be designed with a holistic view focusing on inclusivity. S Squared Creative Projects was brought on to produce a campaign focused on men’s fashion that features plus size male ready to wear fashion. Although the key messaging is critically important the client wanted the experience and campaign to be high-energy and fun. #plusisequal was launched in 2019 to disrupt the industry and change public perceptions.

Collaborating with our client 20 Across, who managed all aspects of the PR campaign, we were tasked with the management of the national casting call, including the formal judging process. S Squared Creative Projects directed and produced the fashion shoot for the national campaign and an exciting and high-energy fashion show featuring South African born plus size designer Jade Campbell, held at the Radisson Red Hotel in Cape Town, who was also brought on to be a sponsor. You only need to look at the stock found on many national retailers’ shelves today to see what is possible through an impactful national public relations campaign combined with narrative based experiences, the project exceeded all expectations.


Working with the S (Squared) Creative Projects team on the historic #PlusIsEqual fashion show at the Radisson RED Hotel V&A Waterfront, Cape Town was nothing short of spectacular. Sean and his team immediately understood that hosting South Africa’s first plus-size men’s fashion show would be a large undertaking for both my agency as well as for my client, and left no stone unturned until every detail of the campaign was thoroughly thought through. What ensued was a successful campaign and breathtaking event that left people speechless and wanting more. We couldn’t have achieved all of that alone and are exceptionally grateful for all the expertise and dedication that was shared with us.

Fabrizia Degli Esposti

Director of 20 Across, PR and Communications

Unitrans is the largest trucking company on the continent and as part of their community outreach programmes, the company felt it is critically important to create awareness amongst road users of the challenges and dangers truck drivers face on the roads.

We were approached to develop a high impact activation to encourage the public to participate and engage with Unitrans to increase awareness in 2018 and 2019. The scope of work included conceptualisation of an interesting and entertaining activation which aimed to encourage the public to participate.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre was selected and a large area in the parking lot at the busiest entrance was cordoned off to house a multitude of activities including one of the Unitrans trucks, where the public could sit in the cab and see how large the blind spot of a truck is.

There were a series of challenges and games for the public of all ages, including children, to participate in winning exciting prizes. S Squared Creative Projects was responsible for all media management including inviting celebrities, journalists, influencers and the Head of the Traffic Depart – Cape Town. A fun day was had by all with over 1000 members of the public participating.


I am proud to be associated with Sean Lane from S (Squared) Creative Projects who has assisted USCS (Pty) Ltd in our last two safety campaigns. Not only did he prove himself to be creative and innovative with respect to ideas and the application thereof, but also impressed with his energy, passion and attention to detail. This spirit of serving the customer filtered through his whole organisation so that all his staff arrived at the venues with the same energy and commitment. He is well connected and always delivered sponsors and high-profile celebrities to add flavour and authenticity to the campaigns. I appreciated that he speaks his mind to ensure the customer considers as many options as possible, but still managed to manage and/or adjust the costs to meet the budget requirements. They have never failed to meet and exceed our expectations, always pitched on time and ensured every campaign delivered the intended message despite unpredictable weather variations. We will certainly be relying on him and his team to continue this trend in the campaigns to come and I can confidently recommend them to anybody who wants to deliver a message in new and creative ways

Louis Botha

SHERQ General Manager, Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions

The Motsepe Foundation has hosted religious leaders from 33 faith-based organisations across South Africa for 3 years, celebrating their faith held at Soccer City, Soweto (FNB Soccer Stadium).

S Squared Creative Projects was approached to direct and produce the 12 hour long live show with an audience of over 200 000 people. The show was broadcast live on Television across Africa. Sean has directed and produced 3 consecutive National Days of Prayer including 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Prominent South African Kings and Traditional Leaders and as well as leaders from all political parties were invited to show unity with the South African people. President Cyril Ramaphosa was also in attendance in 2019.

The project included developing the show running order, sound, audio visual and lighting design, and artist management which included rehearsals and sound checks for 30 acts including, Joyous Celebration, Rebeca Molope, Abathandwa, Benjamin Dube and Winnie Mashaba to name a few. As the show producer all aspects of the show including, technical management, vision mixing and calling the live show fell under Sean and his team of specialists.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a fantastic job that did for us at our last big event at the FNB stadium. You put everything into what you do, your dedication and hard work has really helped us and pulled off a phenomenal event, that was aired on TV and was viewed by millions of South Africans. We just wanted to make sure that you know how much you are valued and appreciated. Thank you to your team as well for their hard work and commitment pre and post event. You guys are PHENOMENAL!

Melissa Anthony

Manager Education & Projects, The Motsepe Foundation